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Picture by the silversmith Lise Nilsen.
  Vøringsfossen waterfall has a 182 meters (597 feet) free fall before continuing through the grand canyon Måbødalen. The river Bjoreia steeps down the 2-300 metres deep valley and Vøringsfossen and Tyssvikjo falls into the deep. Many people think Tyssvikjo is Vøringfossen because they see it first. Its just a nice small waterfall compared to Vøringfossen.

Vøringsfossen waterfall is situated about 280 km from Bergen and 300 km from Oslo. Among many Norwegian waterfalls the best known one is Vøringsfossen. The most beautiful view you will have when sun and water are creating a rainbow into the valley.

Høel Farm is the mountain farm that once owned the waterfall.

At the foot of Vøringsfossen, and by the ascent of the Måbødalen valley, you will find the Hardangervidda Nature Centre which is a must along with a journey on the Troll Train.


You find the path a couple of km from the cafe, along the road that Trolltrain uses. There is parking along the main road. You can also walk from the cafe. It is more than 2-300 metres down to the bottom of the waterfall. The noise and damp makes it a special experience. The damp from the water makes the stone slippery! Hold your camea over the fence and snap it.

Do NOT climb or try to hang from the trees og go outside the fence or try to come closer. You feel how the raw and strong nature makes you small, and how nature has buildt this stunning wiev through thousands of years. A really stunning atmosphere and a wonderful wiev, colours and lots and lots of flowers. Flowers love the dusty rain, and this is really a strong feeling, looking at the white water hearing the sound. Look at the flowers, and please do not pick them!