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svolvaer goat, svolvær geita

The Svolvær Goat or (Svolværgeita), the name is two elements, the first element is (Svolvær), since it is located in that town. The last element is the finite form of (geit) which means "goat", since the mountain has "two horns". Svolvær Goat is a 569-metre tall mountain is located on the edge of the town of Svolvær. The Svolvær Goat, is the town´s most characteristic feature, and it represents a challenge to climbers. Svolvær Goat peak was reached for the first time in 1910.

Svolvær became transit harbour in 1918. The painter Gunnar from Lofoten. His most famous painting, "The Battle of Trollfjord" can be seen in the County Hall. Among galleries we might mention the North Norwegian Artist Centre with its exhibitions and Dagfinn Bakke´s Gallery. The Konrad Gallery exhibits the works of amateur painters. Svolvær offers the atmosphere of a harbour, a small town and art simultaneously. This is a bustling trading and communications centre with ferry, sea and air connections.

The Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) has daily departures. The Coastal Steamer takes us through Raftsundet to Vesterålen to the north, and the famous Trollfjorden, a narrow fjord where precipices descend into the sea. The islands of Vesterålen are more fertile than Lofoten.

Though there is a lot of farming, fishing and fish processing remain the major industries in Vesterålen. Wild mountains and fjords, idyllic islands and fishing villages, white sandy beaches and flowering fields, stormy seas and the midnight sun - you experience all of these rich contrasts in the island kingdom of Lofoten and Vesterålen.

Svolvær is the "capital" of Lofoten, and an important junction for the entire region. Today Lofoten´s regional centre with approximately 4.120 inhabitants. The town is also the largest gateway to Lofoten for the steadily increasing tourist traffic. Lofoten´s cod fishing season is between January and April. The original method was lines pulled in by hand from open boats, but today´s modern fishing fleet employs more efficient fishing gear.

In an old shed, where the Coastal Steamer have it´s departure there is a icebar called the Magic Ice Hall. In this 300 m2 bar there are minus 5 degrees all year round. The guests gets warm clothes before they have a drink. The bar is decorated by ice sculptures and your drink will be served in a glass made of ice, everything in the bar is made of ice. The Ice Bar have what they called "a quiet room", a chapell for thinking and prayer.

The community of Digermulen with Keiservarden is situated by the entrance to the strait Raftsundet. There are organized tours from Svolvær several times a day to these beautiful natural surroundings. You can also travel on your own by express boat or ferry to Digermulen. It is now also possible to drive by car and bus.


Lofoten Golfclub is a 9 hole course. Owing to the bright North Norwegian nights the course is open 24 hours a day from the end of May until the beginning of August. The Midnight Sun is your companion all day and all night.

Lofoten Golfclub is fitted snugly into the natural terrain. The sea provides water obstacles near several of the holes and the beaches act as natural sand bunkers.