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Northern lights is the name of a light phenomena often seen in the northern regions. It is related to myths and stories from around the world. For according to the Japanese believe it ensures a long and happy marriage for you and your loved ones.

 V I D E O  N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 POLAR SPIRITS   (5:18)  Northern Lights by Ole C. Salomonsen.  Tromsø
 Celestial Lights  (4:35)  Aurora Borealis by Ole C. Salomonsen.  Tromsø
 Amazing Northern Lights  (4:28)  Beautiful Aurora Borealis.  Tromsø
 A night to remember  (5:01)  Beautiful Aurora Borealis.  Tromsø
 Aurora Borealis  (2:06)  Beautiful Aurora Borealis.  Tromsø
 Joanna Lumley in the Land...  (3:43)  Beautiful Aurora Borealis.  Tromsø
 Solar Storm  (2:36)  Beautiful Aurora Borealis.  Kvaløya
 Laukvik  (10:6)  World Championships in topless tobogganing.  Laukvik
 Northern lights  (1:12)  Northern lights.  Alta
 The Aurora  (1:56)  Northern lights.  Kirkenes
 Northern Lights  (1:25)  Northern lights.  Karasjok
 Lofoten Islands  (1:55)  Northern lights.  Svinøya
 The Northern Lights  (2:45)  Beautiful Aurora Borealis.  North Norway
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