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 The city of Stavanger
 Old Stavanger
 150 old timber houses
 Fish pier
 Petroleum Technology
 Offshore Technology
 Canning Museum

There is no such thing as "far" in Stavanger. Within the city´s boundaries, you can reach out and touch almost anything you want to experience. You can reach a deep fjord, a wind blown island, or an endless white sandy beach under Jæren´s picturesque skies within an hour from the centre of town. Old Stavanger consists of more than 150 old timber houses built in the late 18th and early 19th century.

From downtown Stavanger, you are only a short distance away from the most the spectacular sceneries. The fjords are just outside your front door, and if you board a boat in the center of the town, you can reach the incomparable Lysefjorden in less than one hour. Here, you can see the famous Pulpit Rock (Prekestolen), among many other things. A scenic fiord cruise takes us to Flor & Fjære, Norway´s only palmtree island with an exotic garden and restaurant.

 Airport Stavanger Airport  Sola
 NSB The Sørland Railway (Norwegian State Railway).  Stavanger
 Coach Where the rail network stops, the bus goes further.  Stavanger
 Ferry Fjord Line transportation between Norway and the Europe.  Stavanger
 more video Rogaland Accommodation, Businesses and more pictures from Stavanger  Stavanger