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 Hessdalen Valley

Hessdalen is a village and a 15 kilometre long valley in the municipality of Holtålen. It is located approximately 120 kilometres south of the city of Trondheim, approximately 35 kilometres north of Røros mining town, and about 12 kilometres southwest of Ålen / Renbygda. About 150 people live in the valley. In the central part of the valley is a village area also called Hessdalen. It is where Hessdalen Church is located. The lake Øyungen lies about 7 kilometres southwest of the village.

The Hessdalen area is known for the occasional occurrences of sometimes ominous luminous phenomena called the Hessdalen lights. The phenomenon is monitored by the Hessdalen AMS. Strange lights, moving at incredible speed along the ground or high in the sky, have been photographed, videoed and tracked with radar. A permanent research project is even based on the site. But even after all this, no one actually knows what the Hessdalen lights are, or what causes them.

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