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Briksdal glacier is a part of the Jostedal glacier icefield, which is the largest glacier on the European mainland. The highest point of the glacier lies at 1.950 m.a.s. and in some places measures 400 metres in depth. The wild glacier is a fantastic work of Nature but dangerous. Never go up on to the glacier without a glacier guide and the correct equipment.

Visitors from all over the world come to see the beautiful Briksdalsbreen glacier outlet, so beautifully situated amid waterfalls and high peaks. The powerful Briksdal Glacier is a part of the Jostedal Glacier National Park. Good food and drink, accommodation in a mountain lodge or cabin, the trip arrangements and a well-stocked souvenir shop make sure your trip to Briksdal will be memorable.

With proper equipment and expert glacier guides, you will be part of an absolutely safe but incredibly exciting trip over the thousands of years old ice masses.

Briksdal Breføring, a company that arranges trips on the glacier, is located here and you can also book a ride on a Trollbil. You can walk the last 2.5 km from Briksdalsbre Fjellstove up to the Briksdal Glacier or you can hire a horse and trap to get you there (book in plenty of time). Once you are almost at the glacier´s edge, you enter Jostedal Glacier National Park and can enjoy the view of the gigantic glacier - or take part on a trip onto its blue ice.


Norway´s number one summer skiing facility. Driving up to the summerski center is driving on a small road with a fantastic view. Access is by the old Strynefjell road (RV 258) from Grotli or Videseter. Excellent skiing conditions in summer, with lifts and tracks for all types of skiing, including cross country, alpine and Telemark, plus snowboard. Special skiing facility for children, Fantaski. Ski rental, skiing shop and cafeteria.

The southernmost of the three short branches at the inner end of Nordfjord terminates at Olden from which a lovely valley, Oldedalen, strikes due south for some 20 kilometres between slopes rising sharply to more than 1700 metres to the edge of the Jostedals glacier. The trip through Oldedalen valley to Briksdal glacier is an amazing symphony of scenic splendour. From wild flowers to awe-inspiring mountains that are reflected in crystal clear lake waters, to great waterfalls that cascade from vertical mountainsides.

The turbulent river which feeds the Olden and Floen Lakes and forms magnificent falls two kilometres from the village, comes from the glacier tongues of the Jostedals glacier, lining the head of the valley around the pointed Middagsnibba (1.440 metres).

Olden has two churches. The one in the village was built in 1759 on the site of a stave church dating from around 1300. Its pew doors and jambs are made from timbers of the stave church. The "new" church, a short distance along the valley, was built in 1934 so that the old church could be preserved.


Norway still shows traces of the Ice Age, when the entire country was covered by ice. Larger and smaller glaciers are found several places in Norway. Norwegian glaciers stretch their white capes across the mountain tops and other large areas, especially towards the west and north. The glacier reflects only blue light.

It is quite unique - it is a magical light. Glaciers are beautiful, exciting and impressive. The glaciers grow and shrink, change direction and change shape and color. Even several hundred meter thick ice is in constant motion and the arms of the glacier can grow several hundred meters in only a few years.