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"The white swan of Mjøsa" was built in 1856. "Skibladner" is the pride of the inland. Skibladner is the world´s oldest paddle steamer still in regular service. Originally intended as an extension of the railway which ended at Eidsvoll, it has plied the blue waters of the lake on its route to Hamar, Gjøvik and Lillehammer during all of the ensuing 140 years.

Even the old steam engine from 1880 is still working! With expert help Skibladner has been painstakingly restored to its original splendour and is now a floating museum. It offers its passengers an unforgettable voyage along Norway´s largest lake with views of the rolling hills and well-kept farms on the shores.

The food on board is excellent: the standard menu consists of fresh salmon and a strawberry dessert. The boat calls in at a number of landing-stages with good rail connections, so that passengers can choose the route that suits them. In regular service to and from Gjøvik, Hamar, Moelv and Lillehammer. Sailing season are mid May to mid September.

Skibladner can also be chartered for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, business arrangements and benefits. The beuatiful scenery and unique experience of this veteran paddle ship will leave a long lasting impression on anyone who sails on her.

With her rhythmic and relaxing paddling across the Lake, as well as the temptations provided by her first class restaurant, your guests will be able to enjoy a landscape that will please all the senses. We see that our guests go ashore refreshed and exhiliarated after a voyage on our unique floating museum!

Skibladner´s name come from the god Frøy´s magical ship in ancient Norse mythology. The ship was built by Swedish Motala Shipyard and assembled at Minnesund in 1856. In 1888 she was refitted, lengthened by 20 feet and received a new triple-expansjion steam engine, which she has to the present day. Skiblander is 165 feet long, her beam 16.7 feet and her draft is 5.6 feet. Her operating speed is 12 knots at 42 rpm, max. number of passengers is 230.

  RESTAURANT: Skibladner has a luxurious restaurant seating approximately 70 persons. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. The most traditional dish is poached salmon with fresh strawberries for dessert. Children´s menu. The restaurant is fully licenced.

CAFETERIA: Coffee, cakes, soft drinks etc.

LOUNGES: In addition to the restaurant and the cafeteria, you can enjoy three lounges: "First Class Gentlemans Saloon", "First Class Ladies Saloon" or "Smoking Room", which have all been restored to their original splendour.

SOUVENIR SHOP: In the souvenir shop you can buy souvenirs, ice cream, candy etc. Buy the Skibladner certificate, signed by the captain - a pleasant memory from the trip!

POST: The Skibladner has been carrying post from its first year of operation. The insignia shows this on the flag at the stern. If you mail your postcards and letters in the old postboxes on board, they will be stamped with the ship´s own postmark.

CANON SALUTES: On board the Skibladner there are four small saluting cannons. For special occasions you can have them fired at any stage on the journey. This can be requested through the Skibladner office or on board during the trip. Skibladner will whistle 3 minutes prior to the salute. The price is NOK 150,- per salute.


Built at the Motala Shipyard in Sweden 1854 - 1856

Assembled at Minnesund, near Eidsvoll, 1856

Maiden voyage: 2nd August, 1856

Refitted and lengthened at Minnesund by Aker Shipyard in 1888

Length post 1888: 165 feet

Hull beam admidships: 16 feet 7 inches

Draft: 5 feet 6 inches

Triple expansion double-acting steam engine providing 606 b.h.p

Max speed: 14 knots at 44 revolutions per minute

Operating speed: 13.2 knots at 42 revolutions per minute

Steel paddle wheels, diameter 16 feet, 8 feathering floats per wheel

Engine built at Aker Shipyard in 1888. New boilers in 1983

Crew: minimum 6, maximum 16, in accordance with Norwegian shipping regulations

Maximum number of passengers: 230